Castles, stately homes, monasteries, cathedrals, churches, archaeological sites; I love them! When not visiting them, I’m reading about them. When not reading about them, I’m writing about them.

History grabbed hold of me when I was a young girl, acquired in part from exploring historical locations with my parents and my subsequent inauguration into the realms of family history, from scouring census returns and birth, marriage and death registers in record offices to trudging through churchyards in search of the gravestones of my ancestors, which, as a child, did not seem such an unusual pastime.  Primary education introduced the Tudors and the Victorians, and my interest in the nineteenth century shifted to literature in secondary school, until I rediscovered the sixteenth century and my love of history at sixth form college.  There followed a degree indulging in ancient, medieval, early modern and nineteenth century history, and a subsequent History-related career.

Now in my (early) thirties, the time has come to share my musings and discuss them with a wider audience, to become better informed myself but also with the hope of enthusing others to find out more about British History, and History in general, of any era, country or nature.  The articles are intended to be brief introductions to people, places, events and ‘things’ that I hope will inspire you to find out more or visit the sites for yourself!


P.S. Read my short musings about my research in the ‘Chronicle’ section of the website

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The header photograph for Historical Britain is of Fountains Abbey, Nr Ripon, North Yorkshire and is the author’s own. 

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